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I have spent my career as a pioneer in the international life and health insurance industry where I have served thousands of clients residing in more than three dozen countries.  Developing an admirable reputation as a leader in the space, I have helped revolutionize how to reach affluent clients in need of sophisticated planning solutions.

Nearly three decades ago, my career began in private banking where I noticed the insurance needs of high net-worth clients residing in Latin America were not being met. I saw an opportunity and changed course, jumping into the fulfilling role of a life insurance professional.

Having had the privilege to work with industry-leading companies that have been on the vanguard of the international life insurance market, I recognize that the way today’s clients want to interact and receive information is evolving. The need for change has arrived and is why I have turned my focus toward bringing a tech-forward approach to an antiquated industry.

Whether they are seeking a $1,000,000 term policy or a nine-figure permanent life insurance policy, I am passionate about understanding each client’s unique needs, their hopes, passions and fears, so that I can find the perfect solution for them and their families.

My message is simple: In a world where the only constant is change, you must be able to adapt and to reinvent how you approach your environment. The easiest way to not be limited in life is to keep learning—to know what you don’t know!

Success did not arrive overnight and has come via a recipe of determination, integrity and time. Prior to establishing my private practice in 2009 which led me to founding International Wealth Protection, LLC, in 2013, I spent more than twenty years building sales organizations, learning various jurisdictional tax and regulatory laws and helping to design and build customized life and health insurance solutions to address complex problems. I rolled up my sleeves and have flown over two million miles to sit with my clients and to take the time to listen and to build lasting relationships.